Content is purely objective, but a subjective diary. No offense, non taken.

April 20, 2019

Ring A ding ding

When they ask you what you bring.
When they tell you what to sing.
When you know you want more.
To bring yourself to sing.

To lore galore,
as vigil as it may seem.

It is in end matter to none
yet to one, who wants that change.

Change of presence,
for change from present.
Than that you bring
what u sing,
to the end the ring
ring a ding ding.

February 08, 2019

Consistent Commotion

When that crust is so hard it's disgusting. As it layers slowly to merely burst out. As lights off the modem remind you of those candle light nights. As those tears burst out to bokeh dancing out to incubus in my room. Burst they do not to dimmed commotion of your free spotify ads but to them candle light nights. Layers and layers of unresolved qualms. Crusting over time, sinking your true self at its epicenter, Primal insecurities over and over. Consistent commotion.

Disillusioned con-fused.

A rat, a mouse.
Your freaking spouse.

A goat, a sheep.
A parents sleep.

Tire journey,
Cumbersome troupe. 
It wasn't depression or will to live.
It was mischief.

Beatles Love

When turmoil is heavier as the power of the sea.
Talking loud speaking truth.
It asks my maiden name.
I respond of its irony of why thy shall ask something he aint willing to let out.

He responds with a let out a shout.
Crys me his power
Throws me a trout

For when I ask him same question
Irony flies out

August 20, 2016


Dark rote trench coat, 
Beseech me off my dreams.
They ask me to carry me,
Across whence shadows free.

Perceptive prune partake benevolence
Prospective gesture prudent behaviour
Perceived past circumstances 
Questions quote currency

Status quo stated, turned around
Trial duo, ask around
Of seas, country and old men
Ask how many they are. 
Who to take out?
Whence they are?

Questions quote urgency
They blind me ask around 
As dark rate hench coat
They search me off my dreams
Off dreams is what am made of
Across when shadows free.

August 11, 2015

- Kalam -

Souls dispatch like morbid dreams. While designing selfless beams. Zip through, make a wish, calming thou my inner ways. As recalled, duty hauled, to fall a tie with morbid dream. - RIP #Ranjan MP

July 03, 2015


The tyrrell of tyranny contradicts emotions. Causing cons leading trouble. The rest of we talk of a  bubble. A part of me a living rubble. Though I do not speak, I call out many. Let her live to her full hubble.

May 26, 2015

Precious pawns

In this dilemma, i write about you
A curious little monster, that came in through.

Smoking up a shit ton of emotions. Breaking lies, healing boundaries and calling out the dark knight.

May 20, 2015


Those darkened days of moist re blaze.
Sinister blue craving dew.
Pondering glances of sunny lewd.
Of one thy many the showers of many.

Run o rain pungent pain
In dry bosom of cleaving illusions.
The aroma of coma
Of smell of drona.
Intrusion infusion of deafening conclusions.

Tyranny mischief off gleam of my sleeve,
Foggy phonetic of Mr. Poetic.
Rubbish for say folking my play.
A pat a tat a rickety clap.
A tap a dance swinging jazz.

To hail a ham ones tonsil gland.
or devour the beast with one last glance.
Love constant life.
Constant is fiest.

April 21, 2015

Following 28

Withing the 27 years of life. Nothing has affected me to "Let go of expectations" more than loosing good people to death. As I grew older more I realized how futile our efforts are to try better our future while our present suffers. How good and bad is just a perspective and that death doesn't choose on that merit who should join it. It just does. Random, unexpected, uncertain. That is so our future. But a gift, a gift is is our choice of our present. A state of mind that dictates this present is how we choose to be. A sense of calm composure is brought upon, when we quit searching and exist merely to be. Leading the soul to neither happiness nor sad, but mere stretch of a state of rest. To whoever has lost someone. Stay strong. Let the present be an example of whosoever dictates the future.

August 12, 2014

O captain, My captain.

The hardened demise of Robin Williams has left a sense of hole in my heart. A feeling I felt when my friend Nishant Fozdar passed away. Another light dimmed. I feel Mr. Will should have seen his own films to find a sense of life in himself. My interest in poetry, comedy, laughter and self muse had an idol through him, since I was a kid. Owen Wilson had almost had a similar fate. The next best for me feels for Jim Carey. Another comedian fighting for the same sense of humor in life. He does seem to have found peace in meditation. My heart goes out to humor, let it thrive. Humor me, you, everyone. As its a way to loosen one's insecurities, let the hurt out via laughter than weakness. Death sure is an end, but how we die sets an example to the living. Humor me. Hats off to the man who made the most, of both life and death. O captain, My captain.

July 11, 2014

_Was it a miracle or a considence_

Miracle man, am a big fan,
To lower your expectations,
To peek a little glance.
To mock a feeble chance.

Dear miracle man,
Why is it a mercy
To shine a little rainbow,
when Zeus is a little thirsty.

Mr miracle man
Why shine it now
Do you wish to see us bow?
Is that a little hubris

Oh yes you little man
thou shall a little dance
for whence I see my wrath
to end, thy minor had.

Why curse the fellow truth
to curb the growing fool
Oh create another world
To rule another ghoul.

Ghoul is just a tyrany
A bloody mary irony
The chalice holds the truth
the burnt story of food.

Of survival this little man
Pay for its fool and clan
You have to have thy time
to create a whole new mime

A mime of my respect
Of time and dine at best
Entrain a golden pooch
Of me of who I am
I shall train a goof.

_Letting Go_

Withing the 27 years of life. Nothing has affected me to "Let go of expectations" more than loosing good people to death. As I grew older more I realized how futile our efforts are to try better our future while our present suffers. How good and bad is just a perspective and that death doesn't choose on that merit who should join it. It just does. Random, unexpected, uncertain. That is so our future. But a gift, a gift is is our choice of our present. A state of mind that dictates this present is how we choose to be. A sense of calm composure is brought upon, when we quit searching and exist merely to be. Leading the soul to neither happiness nor sad, but mere stretch of a state of rest. To whoever has lost someone. Stay strong. Let the present be an example of whosoever dictates the future.

June 17, 2014


To hail into heaven,
Is tahr far cry.
The call of the cavern
The beauty deny

It asks for forgiveness
To tell a lie
To bleach in dire sorrow
To cry calm deny

Remember few words
Few memoirs of thee
Of blessings he borrows
For life in thy

For letting them dwell
Nocturn noid nay.
Nostal void why?

June 08, 2014

Hunger and the heart

The gods have gifted, a book of love and of remedies. It tells you about who and when what will happen which would lead you array or away from your chosen path. It walks you by the bell. The leash of conduct through your virtues and values.  Bringing you close to tour sense of being. As time is just an illusion. It leads you through non existence of serenity with no reason but your own thoughts. All in your head, lead by hunger and lust.
Hunger and the heart poise cocktion of adventure and the end of it all.

May 22, 2014

_To talk_

A: Why does someone react?
B: Because they relate to it.
A: Why do people relate it with themselves?
B: Because either they get offended or they like it.
A: Why do would they get offended if its not directed towards them.
B: Because they are insecure about it.
A: So they backlash at you for that.
B: 3 options; Backlash, Cry or they take it out on someone else.
A: Or they could just ignore.
B: ......
A: Did you just ignore me?
B: .....
A: I hate you.
C: WTF just happened.

May 19, 2014


Fate has sued,
Everyone has mused.
The greeting fellow.
says I am confused.

May 12, 2014


Sins keep us alive.
As Vishnu watches live TV off the snakes back. To say drama makes him happy and dire situations are a result of boredom. As he is the god and the devil. Both creating love and agony at the same time.


Pretending that each day is a mothers day. I do not speak a thousand words to greet what you paved me to be. Neither shall I judge to beg your forgiveness. All I have are these words of mine, to pledge to gift of thine. Accept as they come for they are mine. Here goes.
As shes the earth that reaps life. That nurture wisdom through dire nights. That mother earth was named as thy. While mother nature gives us plied. To salu my mother who is obliged, to lend a hand to innocent cry. O mother of mine you are so right, to ripe my purpose, for me to fly.
 — with Papiya Sengupta.

March 21, 2014


Timeless as time flies, so does my patience.
Priceless as price rise, so do my friends.
Painless as pain cries, so does my breathe.
As I die a day at a time.

Relentless and futile to things of life.
Talk as I lose attachment.
Materials to men to things that surround us.
To move past these is to day at a time.

To cause an effect.
To resonate an effect.
This effect prolongs life.
Domino effect prolongs life.
Movement moves life.

As the water ceases to move,
Life stops, death succumbs.
Stating life itself is a repercussion of the giant wave,
splashing towards ends with no means.

Why, The day this ceases is why cause and effect cease.
Halting wheels of time in adjacent to calming of waves.
Ending reaction, pretending inner peace.
Is why, life is motion of emotion of waves.
Waves when cease is why.
Inner peace when pleases life to its end.

January 13, 2014


To hate is men to be,
To hate us is meant to be.

To fall is to death to be
To fall is to fly too high.

To men is to sly
The slight of meh in mine
To let is to give a tie.

To acheive is to fry.
To fallen heights.

January 03, 2014


Mujhe ek kahani likhni hai....meri zindagi ki. Adhoori hai filhaal. Dil bharke likhke main aa jaoonga tumhare pass. Filhaale yeh rooh bas darta hai. Kapta hai aur poochta hai ke main kaun aur kyun hoon. Ke jeena ka magzad dhoondh raha hoon main. Woh ab mila hai toh jeena shuru karna hai.


Values make a person who you are.
Values from people you admire. Your parents, teachers, situations, etc. And then we are in love. The significant other reflects on you and influences you. This changes for better or for worse if the significant other talks of the past as this past reflected on her. A push and pull of fate wuntill you either find a balance or are consumed by it.

November 13, 2013

The friend who lived

He was never alone. Dunno why but he had to do it for some reason. Guessing from what he wrote even am confused if I knew him too well. Guess not, We didn't really spend much time together. Thought after all this I have been through, he would be the only one to understand.

Sometimes words just flow and I don't know why. I do in due time. Now I know.

October 24, 2013


 A one who wants a change should embrace what others have to say or he is no different from the ones that are running the current system.

Progress is a numbskull ideology. The desire for more creates greed and unsettles the balance of nature. Balance is satisfaction and the natural course of life. Curiosity towards the "Why" is a better development of the mind and spirit of the living, than the concept of progress which has its price of taking a toll on nature, that created us in the first place. Embracing and questioning nature is a balance that needs to be struck than the idea of progress. 

August 10, 2013


As  baby as we are born. The first thing we do is cry. is to born with pain. And then the baby opens its eyes to adjust to the light. This light is painful. But then when we open our eyes, it is a change yes. Vulnerability to change. A selfless vulnerability. This is not changing the person we are but is just mere observatio. A discussion than an argument. This change or observation is a choice and then teh choice to see and look whereupon is still in our hands. And that where you choose to see is who you are. Is what you truly are. That letting yourself observe makes you vulnerable to the outside. Building insight hence intellectuality to observe and understand. And then the feelings decide and dictate your truself to see where you want to. 

July 18, 2013

To poise and remember.

A pain of some sort. A psychological pain that arises when you know what you believed in just shatters and you feel all emotions you have never felt. And that everything in your path affects you.

May 19, 2013


Dire need of tire wisdom,
to write for past the future seldom
because thy sins result true beliefs
That values make no sense
and life matters nothing but impunity
of past future and present.

May 10, 2013

2 flocks for a feather

Bunned up in a bunch to surle up into soup

April 20, 2013


I call it sweat from your eyes
You workout emotionally...and most times workout feels good unless u overdo it.

Circle of life.

What if the first human was is who we feel inside spiritually. The one we all came from. Connecting us spiritually, emotionally and physically. Where we just want to go inside the opposite sex. Planting the seeds of futility till the day human life stops to proceed further like the children of men. We all looking trying to find the right one, the one we resemble the most to. the waves trying to find their way back dissipating in the process and it all comes back to square one. Settling all into one. Calm and peaceful as it was once before.

April 19, 2013

Khuda ke liye

khuda ke vaste kategi zindagi toh khuda hi paros le iss nachiz ko.
Ke mohabbat hi rahe deewanon mein, na parose woh apni khudgarzi.
parose toh samayenge, parose toh lutayenge.
Na parose toh tum parkhon humein.
Parkho toh jano ke kewal mohabbat hai aur na koi khudgarzi.
bas mohabbat hai humesha.

lafzon ko bayan na karke lafson ki ehmiyat tak hi rehne do
na lafzon mein yun kho gaye toh lfzon ke munasif ban jayenge
aur lafzon ke malik ko bhul jayenge

April 15, 2013

White noise

Look beyond the words of wisdom. You will see a tingle of emptiness and a hollow shell fighting over who gets to be a part of the conchs bell. The ring that calls out the whales cry or the rituals of the Bengali's pride. The drop of a coin to the sound of the trickling tear. All makes a single call. To the sound of the white noise.

April 14, 2013

Life had its own whims.

+ When nights goes by a turmoil encloses the subtle reality where the sun creeks its way into the heart of truth and fair synchronized terror of syndromes.

+ It mused its place in nature, creating chaos and havoc midst stirs of vibrant extravagant of ruthless mundane course of unplugged vibrations.

+ Things perish as flowers bloom into rendezvous.
And then it is all there is a sense of emptiness, closing down the whispers of life into its mundane existence.
I thought that I had died and that it wont be a suicide if i die. I will just cease to exist.

+ Vanity was t`was true with full disclosure. Insanity is closure. Cognition of self disclosure is Insanity, purest form of vanity.
Thus comes self impudence and impertinent recognition to nature.
Ruthless selfless correlative kindness to dysfunction and irrational judgement to system.
Awareness motto.

+  Single perpendicular moron
Splendid serpentuous carmine
A specular stupendecular spectrum spontaneous suspententine cerebral spendum.

+ This power hungry craving energy that bursting through my veins calls for a reality check.
A check so vengeance powerful it takes everything along with it, including the lone wolf.
The dire need of raw adrenaline.
Be yourself and yet be polite,
subliminal half truth.

+ Chaos is retrospective
Chaos is my friend
Chaos is my doppelganger
Chaos is my trend

And then there was one.


The victors are the villains of morality.
Serving none other than immortality.
While writing truce, beating clues to their inanity.
The hollow shell that cease to see a mortal draw  its inane boundaries of human shell.

This shell that we seek is in its own rhythm for a vital sign of regress.
A regress for one the sanity is questioned.
Asked rigorously. Questioned vigorously of its fulfillment.
Where an inane space is filled with nothing but the scope for imagination.

This space pushes ideas and guilt persuades limitations to movement.
And risks bare collateral damage while burst of tear scorch ashes off stone.
Quantitative measurements create strings and bare science creates possibilities.

A spark ignites flames while a pinch excites blames.
Citing synonymous colloquial conditions defining forms of limitations.
Stating from the birth of a being to its death and after.
Planned yet pre-planned with rituals.

He reaped thy sowed; death to being by nothing more than a mere stick on fire.
To soul by nothing than the flush of flood.
No faith to cling onto. Its clean as the mere sight of inanity.

April 11, 2013

_Letting go_

There was a kind of me.... perilously poised.

A day came where life looked like a bitch and he took everything in what was in the physical way.The five senses working closely to tell him that everything he smelled or saw touched heard or tasted was how things were. Thats that was the truth. He got hurt. Depressed morose he cussed and cussed until the day cam he resort to physical violence. Running after them with a knife as a release was necessary to vent it all out. Never hurting but teh fear others had of him was enough. He felt the only thing that gave him the sense of righteousness was god. That he was the one in whose eyes he was true  Until the day he betrayed him. The earth shook and withheld a ton with him. The fire crossed paths and burnt like a toil on the cost of the living. The betrayal was a reckoning to much greater evil. That led to the start of a New Era. A surpassing of a dose of the same medicine of betrayal the boy felt. He let it out with a laugh. A tusk of sarcasm of pure poison for the one who treated him the same. Still the same for the same evil. With the hope that that's how it should be. Tit for tat. One who reaps sows his own evil. The boy rose to a path where he felt close to the living dead  The buddhas and the hitlers. The ones who made a difference. He was so on his hubris that the dead feared him. The poison split oaks and tired the need to surpoise futility. Resentment was an understatement. Until the day the one close to him. The one he could relate to, the one who he was to be passed. The world gave another shook. This time was of the same turmoil as the first one. Coiled within him a monster released. This monster still lurking in his brain. Diluting what it sees and letting go. The boy let goes any desire to live. Suicide was not an option as birth never was he resorts to living. Living till his last breathe. He still is. An incomplete story with no sorrow or mundane life. He still is. in a hope and a realization that he has to let go, of feelings be good or bad and that this living is an option to try new things. To live and let go and that even thy death dues part no regret shall pass judgement. That giving or taking aint the same and that any matters makes no difference to finishing everything there is to try.

The selflessness consumed be boy came to be any living entity with a soul. 

April 07, 2013


Bitin baton mein yeh raat guzar jaye,
Yeh baton ke savalon mein chal bikhar jaye.
In baton ki sharaft ko na lalkaron.
Inhi baton ki shararat se sharafat kikri aaye.
Peint bhare na bhare dil ka ruab nikhra jaye.

Good Mourning.

A womans kiss can do wonders
A caress touch could build thunders.
To once when we thou whisper
The intimate passion of blunders.

To hale is to bleak a demon
Is to want a blistering sunder 

April 03, 2013


Kisi ke shakal pe maut nahin likhi hoti,
Kahaan takhdeer pe simti yeh lakeeron ki kameen hai.
Jahaan kudrat likhte likhte thak jaye
wahaan navazein toh parosee nahin jati.

The name Nishant is derived from the Sanskrit name for dawn or the end of night. In Sanskrit Nisha (निशा) means 'Night' and Ant (अन्त) means 'End', Hence Nishant means the end of night or the first ray of the morning sun. Alternatively, Nishant also means the end of darkness of knowledge or a new beginning.

Take it either ways, its all perspective.

April 02, 2013

_Good Natured_

Is arzoo ko tarazoon kin labzon mein, jo labz ki manyaat hi unhoni hon.

March 05, 2013

_Kai Po Che_

Aye zindagi hamen sohbaton ka nasha hai
Yeh sohbatein yaaron ki
Aye zindagi hame hosh ki na tu dava de
Dua de, dua de

Lyrics to "Meethi Boliyaan": Kai Po Che

February 11, 2013

_Realising Hell_

Wings of flutter,
Cry my clutter
to vain insanity
of blurred vanity
Obscure as it maybe,
With truth i shudder
The obscure mutter of dead and vengeance.

The clarity of utter.
The very slender culprit.
The con of a stutter.
To very spoken cold drift.
The drowning little butter.

The slip, the slide, the splash , the cut.
The pool the murder. The jist of huddle.
The myth of Mayan , the gift of Ayan.
To death of defying.

January 28, 2013


Whence past moksha,
All why see is Drugs, Sex and RocknRoll?

January 02, 2013

_Off the fittest_

A better world is a result of "Survival off the fittest", not "Survival of the fittest"_from the one who is selfless.

As things start to wither.old bones creep in. And you notice not just the pain that comes with it, but the humble relation to a stranger.
No matter how old he is, he is living. Whatever reality mite it be it tells life is a fiscal reality, a reality based off off survival. Where Survival prowess maturity, knowledge, power or wisdom. The warmth that curbs the cold is much more powerful than any emotion.
Everything comes secondary to survival. Relations emotions are all relative when survival is met.

This in itself curbs all dreams and curiosity. Survival raises as your power to withstand pain is enough. 

I have realized today that I am selfish. That the fact the man had crutches doesn't prove nothing, but that that slither of old hands slip off his leg, spelled honesty to the crutches. And that the crutch was never used as pity, proves the power of the soul and mockery of survival. That this undefeated relentless purpose we have makes no sense at the end. That what we connect to as emotions or as people has no relevance to life. as survival is always going to be a priority.
Survival is life.

December 20, 2012

_Fozi_18 Dec 2012.

Prelude as it seems,
Prelude as it be.
Prelude of sharks
Of mighty beasts
For prelude when asked
It comes off my heart
As once said by many bursts of farts....

Never rest in peace, as you bring life in peace.
you are safe with your mother, Fozi.

December 16, 2012

Season 7

Wounds of comfort,
Blissful peace.
To rest in caution,
Is slender streak.

November 24, 2012

_Freaks and Geeks_

That spot. The spec we all mark our territories  or should I say terror-stories, never belonged to us in the first place. Lots of stories have stepped in the same shoes. As the spots keep getting filled the farther away we move from where it all began. Once its to its limit, will it all collapse to its epicenter. just when the wave goes back to where it came from, going on until its all calm.

Questions the only reason to be alive.
Or its just the hope to find answers.

November 12, 2012


Whilst the whisk o' wine, winds thy mind;
Why wish for wonder, ties silent bind.