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April 21, 2015

Following 28

Withing the 27 years of life. Nothing has affected me to "Let go of expectations" more than loosing good people to death. As I grew older more I realized how futile our efforts are to try better our future while our present suffers. How good and bad is just a perspective and that death doesn't choose on that merit who should join it. It just does. Random, unexpected, uncertain. That is so our future. But a gift, a gift is is our choice of our present. A state of mind that dictates this present is how we choose to be. A sense of calm composure is brought upon, when we quit searching and exist merely to be. Leading the soul to neither happiness nor sad, but mere stretch of a state of rest. To whoever has lost someone. Stay strong. Let the present be an example of whosoever dictates the future.

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