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July 11, 2014

_Was it a miracle or a considence_

Miracle man, am a big fan,
To lower your expectations,
To peek a little glance.
To mock a feeble chance.

Dear miracle man,
Why is it a mercy
To shine a little rainbow,
when Zeus is a little thirsty.

Mr miracle man
Why shine it now
Do you wish to see us bow?
Is that a little hubris

Oh yes you little man
thou shall a little dance
for whence I see my wrath
to end, thy minor had.

Why curse the fellow truth
to curb the growing fool
Oh create another world
To rule another ghoul.

Ghoul is just a tyrany
A bloody mary irony
The chalice holds the truth
the burnt story of food.

Of survival this little man
Pay for its fool and clan
You have to have thy time
to create a whole new mime

A mime of my respect
Of time and dine at best
Entrain a golden pooch
Of me of who I am
I shall train a goof.

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