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May 30, 2008

_Past Re-pleasure_

Somewhere in the past
a memory talks of me,
Somewhere on the net
a girl bestowed on me.

We talked of love and truth
and played around with hues,
She told me of the world
and my life's interest in you.

She hated what I talked
she loved it when I flocked,
and when I left her to you
You sent me far askew.

and as the stitches flung
she lost her closest one,
and forged me into fool
she said she's beautiful.

then she lent me pleasure
a heart full of treasure,
she led me in her mind
and I lent mine into you.

But my memory propels the pleasure
thinking that I measure,
Why was I so subdued
When nothing came from you.

And now my search is on
to find the perfect one,
the one I loved for you
The one who could be true.

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