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April 13, 2008

_From the Whiny Kid_

Once upon a time
there was this little boy
consoling his pride
the days he rejoiced.
wondering every minute
where he could have been.
surrounded by people
what could he have seen .

Once upon a time
there was this young man
full of strenght and valour
he gave the world a chance
through the crowd he saw
the rich possessions and wondered
where he could be
the riches at his feet
Or the world beyond his reach

Once upon a time there was
this once he cared
Cared with all his heart he jumped down the stairs
He looked her in the eye
with no royal pride
He gave up his tears
he loved her by her side
he loved her to her best
With time at hand despaired

Once upon a time
There was a little time
He knew it when he died
Just a little kid he wondered,
he went on and lied.

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