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November 12, 2007

_Secret Lives_

They played on
They sang songs
They made music
and killed the freaking bong.

For the hearts pride
They lived and survived
with just dew bliss
They mocked and cried
and satired their lives.

The game of kings
The darbari swings,
The art of eyes
dreams lived by.
They make their world
with just their lies.

Though most lie in nooks,
feed on garbage
learn to crook,
freak little kids
kill for food

They are the few
who give you looks
into the mind.
Entertain, enchant and hoop
your soul's book.

They played on
They sang songs
They made music,
and killed the freaking Bong*.

Bong is a term direct refers to Bengali, a sect of people who speak Bengali in India. Well actually me.

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