Content is purely objective, but a subjective diary. No offense, non taken.

November 12, 2007

_Delirious Life_

Prejudice was nocturnal
Her wishes were reflected
Every chance was a mistake
Every wish overgrown.

For shown was the truth
Deliriously hoped,
Desired for soul
As reality approached.

He played for the heart
he won by the heart,
He won by the hurt
the hurt of the rest.

Cold as the sun
in a moonless night
he lived just his heart
The heart that hurt.

The hurt made him breathe
without sleep and seed.
For fight through life
for life never achieved.

The gaze in those eyes
like the stars of that night.
Cold as the sun
in a moonless night.

(Everytime u seek to find the difference between love and war
u end up being right in the middle.)

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