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January 02, 2013

_Off the fittest_

A better world is a result of "Survival off the fittest", not "Survival of the fittest"_from the one who is selfless.

As things start to wither.old bones creep in. And you notice not just the pain that comes with it, but the humble relation to a stranger.
No matter how old he is, he is living. Whatever reality mite it be it tells life is a fiscal reality, a reality based off off survival. Where Survival prowess maturity, knowledge, power or wisdom. The warmth that curbs the cold is much more powerful than any emotion.
Everything comes secondary to survival. Relations emotions are all relative when survival is met.

This in itself curbs all dreams and curiosity. Survival raises as your power to withstand pain is enough. 

I have realized today that I am selfish. That the fact the man had crutches doesn't prove nothing, but that that slither of old hands slip off his leg, spelled honesty to the crutches. And that the crutch was never used as pity, proves the power of the soul and mockery of survival. That this undefeated relentless purpose we have makes no sense at the end. That what we connect to as emotions or as people has no relevance to life. as survival is always going to be a priority.
Survival is life.

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