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October 16, 2012

_Post Respect_

Most theories or beliefs or a way of living, be it religion science or philosophy talks of opposites. Yin and yang, matter anti-matter, Jeasus and Judas. It takes these 2 to make existence. One cant exist without the other. The 2 sides of everything are always conflicting hence seeking a balance.

Science and religion. Man and woman. Moving and immoving. Life and death.

I have a pledge i live with. Its a pledge of loops. It combines the known and the unknown, the common grounds of all religion / science / groups / ways of living. This does not mean I am impermeable to ideas.

It usually works with the principle of "Karma, Circle of Life.", as we all know what goes around comes around. (It does not mean if you do good only good happens, as good is how one sees it. Specifically means an action will have a reaction. The reaction could be positive or negative. This goes on till a balance is struck)

MATH: A number line has both negative and positive at both ends. And yet it has the 0 in the middle for it to balance. This 0 if taken for -0 or +0 can make the number line a complete loop instead of its existence as is in a liner form.

SCIENCE: A stirred water always tries to find stability. And hence keeps changing form. Water molecules when stirred with heat resent to vapor for it to achieve balance. And hence split apart. Once a balance in the water is achieved it seizes to exist in its true self. Unless otherwise given rebirth, where it is bought down to earth born at a different location with a new name and being. And hence the cycle keeps going in circles.

RELIGION: Once balanced, death doesnt seem any different from birth and likewise life has no meaning.

PSYCHOLOGY: So technically if one wants to understand the world and self identity. They both are a part of a nature where emotion has to be left out of logical reasoning.

ME: The more I start to see life in a loop format, my life separates me into 2 selfs. A self vanitized egoistic know it all, saying that is right and a self conflicting paranoid emotional wreck. Both leading me to a change in form of existence. The superficial being. Siddhartha, the viet monk, the rockstar all had that in common. They were the positive 0. The ZEN. The negative 0 as is Adolf, Mohammad, Stalin. Since this form of me to combine the 2 into one has rendered me from valuing life at all and yet I do. At the same time thought without emotion has made me least relate to anything but satirical humor of any sort. And then emotion angers me. Scrutinizes me to separate myself of the closed ones. It has made me a positive and honest thinker without judgement but as a negative has rendered me to not feel for anything. At this point I am sure of this that being at extremes either ways is a change in form. A form that ends only one way as  being born was never a choice.

And all this BS here makes no sense unless everything is connected in ur head.

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