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April 16, 2012


Friend's Please Share it . If a gal
posts ''hi'' as her status
message she gets thousands of
likes .
when a soldier gives
his life for his country , people why dose not respond for his greatness..
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    • Ayan Sengupta people do not respond for his greatness...Is because it is not great. That he was dumb enough to join the army and promote war and violence. And hence forth end up dead for a reason which could have been avoided from the very start. Should have got a real job and contributed to progress of nation than wasteful expenditure.
    • Anirban Tewari ‎@Ayan Sengupta............. are you out of ur fucking mind...... wat a pathetic son of a bitch u are... a soldier died on the frontlines of the border and u seem to be calling it useless... unlike you the soldier has the balls to protect the borders so tat we stay safe....
    • Ayan Sengupta Aggression is only going to cause more war. And you being so smart and swearing is not going to change how I think. Yes I am calling it useless, as he is protecting the border from people who cause aggression. An eye for an eye make the whole world blind _ Gandhi....I dont know what the 3rd world war is going to be fought with but the 4th is going to be with sticks and stones_ Einstein. These are great people who did real good for the world by choosing the right path. Of course they had their faults. Am just stating an broadminded fact. Look at the whole world, humanity as a whole, not by what they do, but by what they are.
    • Hitesh Mohan Agarwal ayan bro i dont have words to aggrevate this but this is not done you lived a whole life of urs because u were safe at ur home because these great people
    • Anirban Tewari Gandhi was a big A-hole..... and you seem to deliver every statement based on theories & sayings of different personalities... think logically and develop ur own ideas. you are not stating any broadminded facts .... u are just licking the feet of those shitty thinkers
    • Ayan Sengupta ‎@ Hitesh....It was quite unfortunate that the soldier lost his life. I lived my whole life in teh house because I want to contribute to the society by "Living" it, not by dying in the border.
    • Ayan Sengupta ‎@Anirban: I have developed my idea or I wouldnt be going against people who promote what the military does.
    • Anirban Tewari ‎@Ayan..... wat did u contribute to the society..... ur shit ass load on the face of the earth ???
    • Ayan Sengupta I am sorry that you are being quite aggressive. I think it will do good if you join the army and take out a bit of that aggression. I dont have to explain myself further.
    • Ved Parkash Well Ayan if u cn't think of ur nation first how can u even think of whole world dnt chase Gandhi, he hadn't done anything great he divided india in three parts and we still have pasying for this. you should do good work for society nearby yourself before going to think about the whole world peace. Man grow up and stop cribbing Terrorist will nt even ask u that u are a gandhist or not.
    • Ayan Sengupta I will be honest, yes I dont care for the nation. I care for the people who live there. nation is just a hypothetical imaginary symbol that politicians and media creates to keep the people in check. Its humanity and not just that the animals + anything living I care about. Nation, religion, castes these are just groups created by people give people a sense of belonging. I do agree with what you said that you should do good work for the society nearby. And btw even terrorists dont look at who the country is before they cause terror. They cause terror in people thats why they are terrorists. And usually its teh common man. Have you seen "a wednesday", "mumbai meri jaan". People have their own protection in their own hands. They dont need anyone else. They just dont know how much power they have.
    • Ayan Sengupta And also by promoting such ads. one is not helping any people in the military but people who run this Facebook. No offense here Hitesh.
    • Ved Parkash ok bro than what uf did till now for your this nobel thought.
    • Ved Parkash if we go by your thought again we will be rule by somebody like china forever
    • Ayan Sengupta Common man, 21st century and we still care of being ruled? Is tamil nadu being ruled by India? is Mumbai being ruled by India? Is Gujarat being ruled by delhi? Are the bangali's being offended by the prime minister being Punjabi. Then i shoudl say whole India is being ruled by Punjab. Does that offend anyone?
    • Ved Parkash u shd go to tibet than u will get ur answer
    • Ayan Sengupta Oh I have been to tibet. Every change is welcomed with aggression. But a change to unite the world is necessary for world peace. "Lakshya" dialogue: Agar chand prithvi pe hota toh uske bhi insaan tukde karke jhagadta. (Not exact but close)
    • Ved Parkash u r kind of person who lives in dreams with closed eyes
    • Ayan Sengupta I am sure the ideal world I see is still far away. But I am sure to die trying to get that to work. So is the UNO doing it. Europe has already started. Euro has come to pass a long time ago and Europe has already started to work on reuniting. Am sure once we have seen enough of what is out there, we are to go towards unifying.
    • Ayan Sengupta the day we stop singing" Hum honge kamyaab ek din", is that day we will actually start to work towards being kamyab.
    • Ayan Sengupta Please dont take it personally of what I have said here. I am just stating to open up to this thought a bit. There is nothing wrong and nothing is going to change, if one just is open to ideas. Even china has good to offer. They are still humans with the same feelings after all. We all laugh when it tickles.

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