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February 18, 2012

_Cause and Facts?

So it is said that to not to offend anyone.
My existence is to be friends with the one and yet not to be the only one.
That if you consider falling on ice bad and that A fell while kicking B. Then B just laughs. Then who do you consider equally bad.

And that everything ceases back to sleep. How do I fight the system y being the system.
Always tried to bring an argument to consensus is when one stops to think logically than from their feelings toward the topic being discussed. If at the end of the conversation the person is happy about it or is sad. My point is never proved that it was an argument without a cause.

That everything that was discussed was of no point.

A  wave repels out and comes back to consensus and holds to a stand still, or at least to the naked eye after a while. But I guess in this situation we are in a phase where the ripple is still trying to settle. And that if it doesnt. Some other external force will have to help it to make the process faster. This will actually create more ripples. So the creator should stop what you started or anyone else interfering will just cause more collisions.

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