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May 28, 2011

_An ode to the bumble bee_

Dear bumble bee,
Dunno why am writing this.
I know you are cute and smart and talent
But I do wish you were half as good as me

You see you are too sweet
But you kill my breath
You are too dry
You make me sweat

Though although you ask why I fondle
I tell you tale of the golden codon

Dear bumble bee
I wish you die
I work my way up
To make a tie.
And as I do I we meet once or twice
With you I carry on that golden f lice

Dear bumble bee
I wish you weren't born
You were no one else
A bloody frigging drone

For as I speak I let you dry
I suck your marrow
your work hard dry
To call for the spring
to met you a dream
To go get a restless
A pestles cream

To marry a riddle
to bury a limp
to endless devour
of vital stream

And there as I speak
I walk about the corner
With not a frigging goner
But as a pawner owner.

So dear bumble bee
As you mite see
I am killed your killing spree
I owned the bloody pawner.
I dealt the money droner.

And as i walk away
I see you ask yourself
What did I see
A pissed off dirty loner.

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