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November 15, 2010

_Would like to play God_

And there was I standing,
Dark and moresome withstanding.
Those gruel lashy eyes,
those bared toothless bite.

Caresome ruthless smile,
of world in true despise.
I am in another end.
A end of gruesome bend.
Where a tale is much abode,
quite a humble pride.

Of much more lash and blushes,
Tried wonder twice divine.
And as we play each other.
We seen the world oblidge,
Of a stumble quite reckless.
Of muse left behind.
Of the classic vintage price.

With waiting as it ends.
I ask the final price.
Stuck in time thy wonder.
I call myself the bride.
Much worse than so called bribe.

Of games and muse and time.
Of me in full uprise.
With end at full surprise.
Of play that takes uptight.
Of Gods, wretches and bride.

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