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April 28, 2010


To 3 witches of life.

Me mime and mine.
You yours and not ours.
A funda a fun da and our cha.
Dhishoom bhison morcha

Me mime and mine
Guns, our guns there guns.
Fight our fight and jhogda.
Par kano not ours.

Me mime and mine
I talk you talk we argue.
I throw we throw and jhadoo.
Me sane you sane but why kyun.

Me mime and mine
We nuke you puke we are blue
Hot ice we fight.
Surrender ourselves
Shell bright.

Pointless , disjointness and imbibe
We fight your life, my life
but not our life.

"A Patriot seems to be a powerful word. A cause is what the Army does and peace is justifiable. Lets hail to Sovereignty."

Yeh bhi bhool jaoonga, kya hua tha.

1 comment:

Arjun said...

sala dimaag ka circuit fail ho gaya hai kya be... u needa go and get a life boy... soon...