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October 11, 2009

_Paranomial Pleasurely Pain_

Cowardice is in question,
the whole f in time a joke was played
and the whole part where reality keeps questioning me
that why it exists and hell yes when I can tell that
all that I see isn't what the truth is and that
is ia result of all the hypocrisy played by these people around me.

That when they say there is too much population on the planet,
then why not choose to die.
And that in itself at teh end leaves that you are the only one I can talk to.

That every time I have been asking you why did the car leave me behind
And why was it a red vintage convertible on an array of dessert and
that why was I the one to save or at least have a vision of this to come.

Am sure you are gonna end up dead and the one who is born shall be death.

That for some fucking god damn reason this whole paradox creates rhythm and
makes sense to me and only me. And that when I do try explain it is hazardous.
It truly is. I might end being the dexterity of life and the pre concussion to death.

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