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June 03, 2009

_Immortality Insane._

They talk of vanity as if its a whole personal affair,
Colors deflect morality and whole perosnal space of upbringing,
(Color here is a materialistic want of man)
We want more, our parents want glore and our siblings are rivals.
What else can talk of vanity than a family itself.
Now the whole existence of life as it seems comes from the presence of Adam and Eve,
so shall we argue the fact that they have been Black.
That Jesus was Negro himself.
A word which bans morality, a word flowing with rage of historic significance.
We fear they say, we fear the existence of God,
did i hear right, is it God or is it the plain judgement the word called Law.
That today nothing can be justified as our own.
That Vanity himself a being of nature has destroyed moral existence.
While have we ever questioned god that it exists because it was meant to,
that it will exist because it is not justified,
(it being Vanity, it shall neither be beast, neither be human or nature, but a meager it)
and that because it exists it cant be wrong. Thy shall not be doubted.
If so then the whole morality of God shall be in doubt.
And hence we question his own existence, his religion and belief.
Thy this question creates possiblities and thy we tend to want more.
More and more of the answers we seek and,
more and more it leads to Vanity,
thy to seek "Imorality in Vain".

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