Content is purely objective, but a subjective diary. No offense, non taken.

February 08, 2009

_The Visual Diary_

In a dark pale room
there was this encounter
A deep feeling
A sleepless ponder

Just had a fruitful fight
with a friend in need the most
We hated each glances
With an urgency to talk

A share in a laughter
A needless draught

There was an artiste
Who needed my help
Her name was a horror
heeding disrespect

She was a strong one
Lived among the long ones
She had her flaws and laws
Worthy of not one

I searched for her needs
Careless and deep
I looked here and there
and found as such none

She got off my top
Her bare back yellow and warm
I moved onto wonder
Ignoring to her in corner

It was hard to resist
The lights changed its bliss
Th room changed its disk
I made my first kiss

She was persistent and fast
I pressed real hard
It did end at last
The dream fell a part

I was pressing too hard
Onto the chair
drooling hard.

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