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October 01, 2008

_The Chosen Smoke_

Words of perception run through my game
the puff of smoke let through my veins,
the time I spend without you in me
is grasping for breathe within my reach.

Wish you forever a hearty soul
long life to pleasure
a glittering gold.
for time I wont be
the one to be hate,
the one being displeasure
being death close at stake.

Forbidden it seems is a perfect term
a choice you will make in every turn,
Things wouldn't restrict
neither shall time,
as its me who would reach out when ripe.

but would be your conscious
a guilty one,
for love to composure
a lonely some,

Yet you would wonder
with a puff of smoke,
where did all my time go
to one who I chose
or was to heaven or
death at my door?

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