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November 12, 2007

_Something More_

Great as it seams...
love as he seeks,
Was ever to be done
or written in words,
Was it to run
flying in the blood,
Written in graves
or carried in wombs,
Or is it in wars
that kill with doves,
Understanding gets tough
n tougher everyday,
As time goes on
with no purpose,
Endless speculations
of deservings one is to have,
Choices make pretense
making it the worst,
Looks make it worse
loving as it does,
As immortal as it seems
it bleeds u as u deserve....

Then somethings strange happens
yet estranged it is
the souls meet n die
ending in the opposites creating something more
more than u me or the very existence of the souls
the soul more powerful than love or hatred or any feelings
tears flow light falls wind cries n with all that exists n doesn't
one blends into the momentary tragic of hidden times
the times we all breed after the so called death of the existence
its is something more
a name is not enough...
just the feel is grown to see it n hear it with everything of the
end that gives....n takes as it be the thing you are
is what it is......

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