Content is purely objective, but a subjective diary. No offense, non taken.

November 12, 2007


Religious love,
Hardcore possessions,
Penetrating mindless possessions,
Killing obsessions,
Rhyming larks,
Mindless daft..
Some say its hard to understand,
Types categories and verses
Classified as none and neither as one.
As what u want is what u get
what u understand is what
u want and what u desire
is what u would define
as an endless soul of specifiable
classic.. Some are said to be
ruthless phsychotism, some as goth,
some as one as some to be punk.
Hence it comes: types, categories and verses,
But which one is where one doesn't care,
For one who understands is one who wants
and the wants are thy shall be
the true memory of Poetry..

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